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 Welcome to my website. If you read my opening title, you will see that I have been making jewelry for most of my life. At least as far back as I can remember which was the age of 4. And like most people, I was drawn to the beauty of the stones and metal.
I did not know there was more meaning to the jewelry than the beauty I could see with my eyes. For many years now, I have been on the path back to Mother Earth and all of the gifts She gives us. And on this journey, the power of the stones were revealed to me. An old soul has urged me to share both my jewelry and my knowledge with the world. So here is my site.

    The Jewelry Pages contain necklaces and sets that I have made. Each page has a different style. They are displayed here for others to see and get ideas how the stones can be combined for both beauty and power. If you click on the small picture, you will go to a much larger picture and full description of the necklaces and the beads used with links to their stone properties and information. (This is still a work in progress!) I have not included prices, because the jewelry shown is my jewelry and I can't bear to part with it.

      I began doing some wire wrapping, and I now have a few wire wrapped necklaces, some wire wrapped suncatchers and a few wire-wrapped pendulums  for sale. You can use the Right Menu to go directly to the items you are interested in. I still have a few of the semi-precious stone pendants  and pendant and earrings sets that I have personally chosen. These are hand-crafted from Brazil in sterling silver settings. I have reduced the price by 50% , you can find them on the Jewelry Clearance Page.

     I make healing necklaces (see Examples) but this is a much more personal process. I do offer some suggestions in this area (see Healing Necklaces) , but every individual is different. It is because of this, I have created what I call the second, but most important part of this website, the Stones Pages.

The Stones Pages are the pages on the individual Stone Properties. At this time I have around 70 stones and some healing information about the stones. I will be adding much more information about the stones I have already, and also adding more stones. I will also be adding a quick reference healing table. The stones can be tools for healing and balancing. Stones are transducers and transmitters of energy and thought. When used with conscious intent for the positive, they can be powerful tools for the good!
(None of this information is to be considered as a substitute for professional advice.)

The final section is for both fun and education. The Stone Facts pages are for your entertainment, that is the Zodiac Stones, Birthstones, Anniversary Stones, and Days of the Week Stones. I say entertainment, because the stones listed vary over time and with different cultures, so there are no absolute answers. For your education and for all of the trivia buffs I have included pages on Stone History, Stone Connections-Religious and Cultural and Stones of Countries. 

There is one page I have yet to mention, because it is an enigma to me, it is the page called Stone Dreams. While I find this information to be interesting I hesitate to label it as fact or fiction. The reason for this is because I was first put in touch with the power of stones through a very powerful dream. Though the dream wasn't about any particular stones, I was directed to use certain stones for healing. Now when I see them on this list, the dream would be interpreted differently. However, I did use the stones in the dream, and to this day they are doing their healing. So if the information on this page makes sense to you, use it. If it feels wrong then it is not speaking to you.

You can get to any part of this website at anytime using the Site Menu on the left side of the major pages.  You can get to the items for sale using the Items for Sale menu on the right side of the major pages.

If you have more information for my website, do not hesitate to email me at I will share your information here and give you credit. 
I will keep adding to the site the things I mentioned above and more. This site will never be finished, it will always be a work in progress.

If you would like to leave a comment to share with others, you are welcome to sign my GuestBook. Click here to read other's comments and add your own. Or click here to go directly to the form.

If you have read this far and are in a hurry-you can use my Site Search to find what you are looking for.

We are all on a journey of learning and teaching. My dear old friend (the old soul), told me it was time for me to teach...So here is this website! 

Thank you for coming! I hope you enjoy your visit!



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