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Below are examples of some of the healing necklaces I have made. I am showing them for three reasons. First to show how many different beads can combine to make the necklace. Second, to show that the necklaces can be pretty as well as healing. And finally to show that they are made light so they can be worn at all times. The more the necklace is worn-the more it can help. I try to make the necklaces long enough so that they can be wrapped around the wrist and worn as a bracelet, when a person does not want to wear a necklace. This versatility enables every one to wear it more. 

    I have familiarized myself with the stone properties, but when I make these necklaces I go with my intuition first and my stone knowledge second. On most of my necklaces, as you can see, I use some basic stones. I do not use all of these stones on every necklace and I always include other stones that are specific to the person the necklace is being made for. The thoughts behind the use of the basic stones are as follows: I use amethyst and/or rose quartz because they are potent healers; I use malachite and/or lapis lazuli because they draw out hidden diseases; because the lapis and malachite do not heal-I try to place them near the rose quartz or amethyst-so that they can heal the hidden diseases. Amber relieves pain; I include it on a necklace for people with chronic pain/illness as well as for any woman who suffers from menstrual cramps. Turquoise and jade are grounders-to me they are stones that connect us to heaven and earth; unless one is very grounded, we can all use help in this area. Fluorite gives one protection from psychic assault; I use this when I feel someone's pain or illness is coming from outside of themselves. Garnet I use for heart knowing and heart healing. And finally I try to include at least one or two pieces of tourmaline; tourmaline was brought to me in a dream with the grandmothers. I was told to use this stone for the one I love most in this world (besides myself). I feel this is a stone whose healing properties are unknown or unspoken, but it is a powerful healer.  I vary the amount of these basic stones on each necklace according to the person. I have found that the size of the stone or the quality of the stone makes no difference. Remember the stones are transmitters and transducers, so they only help us heal ourselves.

    The beads I use on these necklaces I have been collecting over the years. Some I have bought at bead stores, others I have found (or they found me) at swap meets and some come from older necklaces; the rest have been given to me to use for this healing purpose.

    My process in making a healing necklace is as follows: I get out all of the beads I have collected and I begin to put together the beads I "think" I am going to use along with the beads that are spoken in my head. Rarely do I end up with the necklace the way I "thought" it would be. The only absolute is the length of the necklace. The last necklace I made had no tourmaline-it just did not work. I have yet to make a necklace in one try-it generally takes about 8-10 hours of trying different combinations of stones. Anyone can string beads together-but when a necklace looks right-it is because the beads are in their proper place with each other. I make sure I am well rested and I think of the person as the necklace evolves. If it does not come together right away-then I put it down and "sleep on it". I  do the collecting of stones and the gathering of the stone knowledge separate from the actual necklace making process-I at least sleep once between the gathering and making. I do not have words to describe the process beyond this point.  After I have a finished necklace I do look up the stones to see why I used them; sometimes I can see the reasons immediately, other times I do not know until later and sometimes I never know intellectually-but my heart knows.

     If you have questions use the Email Form. I am not a health professional and can not answer health questions. Read the information on this site,  listen to your heart and you will know.







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